7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Portable Self Storage For Your Move In Charleston

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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Portable Self Storage For Your Move In Charleston

Smooth Move Mobile Storage Solutions Charleston SC

If you’re like the many Lowcountry residents who will move this year — or next — the next move you’ll make will require some form of storage while you transition to your next home or condo.

For example if you’ve sold your home, but your next home isn’t quite ready or if you haven’t found the perfect abode quite yet, you’ll definitely need somewhere to store your stuff in the meantime.

Or if you’re moving from a larger home to a smaller home or even an apartment, the surplus of items that your old home has to go somewhere until you decide to keep, sell or discard them.

Traditionally, you’d reach out to a regular storage facility and have to hire a truck and/or a moving company to move your stuff into — and out of — the storage facility you choose.

However, what most people are choosing to do here in Charleston is to go with the mobile storage solution.

Here’s why they love portable storage units — and why you’ll love them too.

1. They’re Convenient.

Perhaps the biggest reasons our customers love mobile storage solutions is the convenience over traditional self storage. Convenience comes from not having to load/unload your household goods into a moving truck — and then out of the moving truck at the storage facility, saving a whole lot of time — and money (see below).

2. They’re Easy To Use.

No complex strapping/fastening required. Just pop open the doors and lock up when you’re done.

3. They’re Affordable.

As mentioned above, when you choose the portable storage moving solution you cut out the need to hire a truck to load/unload your items from your house and at the storage facility — and again when you move it out of storage, instantly saving you money during your move.

4. Take Your Time Loading.

With traditional truck loading and storage, you’re always keeping an eye on the time — from the hours the truck is at your home, to the loading time, to the unloading time — the stress builds as the time increases. With the portable solution, you can take your time and load at your own pace — days, weeks, even months before your actual move.

5. They’re Secure.

From the secure structure and locking of the actual portable units, to the extra secure warehouse facility that you’re unit will be kept in, you can rest easy that your precious items will stay safe and protected.

6. They’re Weatherproof.

Not only safe from regular intruders, your portable units will be safe from nature’s intruders, including water and rain — so you can be sure that you’re household goods stay dry as well.

7. The Extras.

What makes Smooth Move’s Mobile Storage Solutions different are the extras. If you need help loading & unloadingwe can do that. If you need short or long term storage — we can do that. If you need experienced help with your move — our years of local moving experience can expertly help you decide the best — and most affordable — solution that fits your needs.

So whether you’re moving from/to Summerville, Mount Pleasant, Kiawah Island, Sullivan’s Island, James Island, North Charleston, John’s Island, Isle of Palms or any other place in the Lowcountry, you can be sure that you’ll love the mobile storage solution for your upcoming move.

Alex Horton
Alex Horton
Alex is the co-owner of Smooth Move Charleston and has over 8 years of local labor experience in the Lowcountry. He currently is the manager & lead estimator for Smooth Move and enjoys sharing his moving knowledge with residents of the Lowcountry.