Portable Storage Units: Ultimate Flexibility For Your Move In Charleston

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Portable Storage Units: Ultimate Flexibility For Your Move In Charleston

Portable Storage In Charleston, SC

With so many storage options available in the Lowcountry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to determine the best storage solution for your upcoming move in Charleston.

While many people turn to traditional self-storage solutions, if you want more flexibility with your move, portable storage units are your best bet.

No More Truck Rentals

If you’re looking into traditional self-storage remember that you need a way of getting your stuff both into — and out of — the storage unit. This means hiring a truck not once (into the storage unit) but twice (out of the storage unit).

With mobile storage units, you’ll completely cut the need to hire a truck as the storage unit comes to your door for ultimate convenience.

Load At Your Own Pace

With traditional self storage you’re often under time restrictions when you’re moving your stuff around. Whether it’s the time that you’re renting a moving truck or, in some instances, the available hours your unit can be accessed. In both cases, the time crunch can add extra stress to an already stressful event.

When you have a portable storage unit at your home or business, you get the flexibility to load at your own pace — start packing your stuff days, weeks or even months in advance. When you’re finished up with your packing, your portable storage company will pick up your unit and either take it to your new location or to a secure warehouse for safe keeping.

The Smooth Move Difference

While most mobile storage solutions imply a do-it-yourself approach to moving, with Smooth Move Mobile Storage you get the option of getting professional moving assistance from Smooth Move’s moving team. With years of local moving experience in the Lowcountry, you can be sure that you get the most out of every square foot of your mobile storage unit with assistance from us. This is especially handy for larger, heavier items as well.

So for extremely efficient, flexible moving and storage solutions in Charleston, be sure to review portable storage units — you’ll be glad you did.

Alex Horton
Alex Horton
Alex is the co-owner of Smooth Move Charleston and has over 8 years of local labor experience in the Lowcountry. He currently is the manager & lead estimator for Smooth Move and enjoys sharing his moving knowledge with residents of the Lowcountry.