Here’s A Unique Way Lowcountry Homeowners & Business Owners Are Using Portable Storage Units

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Here’s A Unique Way Lowcountry Homeowners & Business Owners Are Using Portable Storage Units

Smooth Move Portable Storage Home Renovation Project

When most people think about using mobile storage units, or talk about portable storage containers in general, most likely they’ll be referring to an upcoming move by them or one of their friends. Whether it be a local or long distance move, generally a conversation about mobile storage refers to some kind of transition from one location to another.

That being said, portable storage units are now also being mentioned by people not moving at all. In fact, not even thinking about moving anytime soon.

Growing in popularity in Charleston and all over South Carolina, are the use of portable storage units for home and business renovations.

Portable Storage Is Perfect For Home Renovations

Whether a homeowner is planning on putting in new flooring or carpets, adding a new room or addition, or getting a whole-home remodel, using a mobile storage unit offers them the extra space they need to keep their stuff in while the work is being done.

Without the need to jam up their garage or another room in their house, you’re able to live like you would normally by putting the items from the area of your home you’re remodeling into a portable storage unit.

Mobile Storage Units Are Great For Business/Commercial Renovations, Too

If a commercial property owner or business owner is ready for expansion or a remodel, a mobile storage unit offers them a great way to keep their business assets close so when the renovation is complete, they can quickly get back up and running.

While several industries have used storage units for their remodeling projects, restaurants & bars find it especially handy when it comes time to add on or remodel their location to accommodate more customers or give their place a new look.

The Flexibility & Convenience Renovations Require

One of the main reasons mobile storage solutions have become so popular for home & business renovations is because of the flexibility it offers them during their project. Renovations often go beyond planned timelines depending on the nature of the project, so having the ability to change the timeframe of having a portable container relieves them the stress of worrying about organizing trucks and movers, as they would with traditional storage units.

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Alex Horton
Alex Horton
Alex is the co-owner of Smooth Move Charleston and has over 8 years of local labor experience in the Lowcountry. He currently is the manager & lead estimator for Smooth Move and enjoys sharing his moving knowledge with residents of the Lowcountry.