Moving Preparation

Preparation: The Key to a Smooth Move

  • Start collecting newspapers prior to your move. (Use newspaper only on glazed, non-porous ceramics, glassware and metal objects. Do not use on porcelain to prevent damaging your fine items!)
  • Go to the grocery store or other convenience shops and ask if they have any crates or boxes that you can use. You may purchase durable moving boxes for your move from us so that you don't have to worry about gathering up boxes to plan for a move.
  • If you do gather your own boxes, make sure your boxes for moving are strong enough to support the weight of other boxes being stacked on top of them in the moving truck.
  • Consider letting go of items you no longer need, use and will not need or use for the foreseeable future. If you haven't worn an outfit in over 2 years you probably never will. If it's really dusty, broken, or missing pieces, throw it out or even better donate it to one of the great local charities in the Charleston area where it may be of good use to someone who will use the item.

Start Packing Yesterday

Pack similar items together.

This way you avoid running around the entire house during the unpacking process.

Tape all of the seams on your moving boxes.

This is part of helping to keep everything you pack secure during the process of a move. If your moving boxes are not sealed with tape, you run the risk of having everything fall out from one end of the moving box or another and damage is imminent.

Don't overstuff moving boxes.

While making sure to fully use the space in your moving boxes, be sure to include materials to keep the items inside safe and put extra on the top so that no weight is directly resting on any of the items in each box when they are stacked on top of one another in the Smooth Move truck.

Pack heavy items in small moving boxes.

Tape the bottoms of each box well and prevent any of your moving boxes from becoming too heavy by packing heavier items in smaller boxes for moving.

Wrap Breakables.

Use newspaper, bubble wrap, clothes, or towels for packing. You may also choose to pack with popcorn for moving. Call Smooth Move to receive the moving supplies you need to make sure your items are safely packed and ready to move.

Details Are Important!

  • Label the moving boxes as you pack them with details regarding where they belong in your new home.
  • Write FRAGILE in large type on boxes that contain breakables and valuables. Keep those boxes apart from the rest so they can be loaded during the appropriate times.
  • Tape will damage furniture, so avoid using it. Smooth Movers will use belted straps to close unruly doors and drawers. Try cotton package string if you must do it yourself.
  • Cover furniture with blankets or towels to protect against nicks and scrapes during the process of the move. We will also provide moving blankets.
  • Wrap glasses and tumblers individually first with a sheet of tissue and than with normal paper. Store them upright in a moving box padded with lots of bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Save space. Leave some clothes in your bureau or chest of drawers, make sure it's unlocked though (it may be necessary to open the drawers to get a better grip while moving.)
  • Cover the corners of your paintings with several layers of cling film and wrap the whole lot in bubble wrap. Afterwards cover them with thick wrapping material and place it in a picture box.

Work With The Best Moving Company!

Let the best moving company from Summerville to Charleston to Mount Pleasant work with you from the beginning to the end of your move. Smooth Move will make sure your valuables are wrapped and packed securely. Then our moving specialist will load and secure them in our specially equipped moving truck and drive them safely to your new home. When we arrive at your new home our moving specialist will unload and unpack your items with the same care we gave them while packing. Even though we take precious care of your valuables if a mishap was to occur Smooth Move is licensed, bonded and insured so you are covered against any problem that might occur.

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